Sunday, November 30, 2008

ABC News Update on Jason Becker

Hey Jason Becker fans, ABC News did a new story on Jason Becker to highlight the recent things going on in his life and career. They titled it Paralyzed guitarist with ALS plays on. They gave him some great promo for his new CD "Collection", and his new signature guitar. An ABC’s news reporter visited Jason at his home and for an interview. I like that they showed how Jason worked on the new music with the help of musician friends he enlisted, his father, mother, and his caretakers. Jason is truly inspiring and I feel humbled to call him my friend.

As a reminder, Jason’s signature guitars are being made by Paradise Guitars USA. They are taking orders. The first 60 Guitars sold will come with Jason’s CD Collection, a Guitar Wheel, some special pics, and other cool extra’s.

These are some pictures from my visit with Jason Becker in July.


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