Friday, December 18, 2009

Tommy Bolan Clinics and NYC Rock the US and Local Music Stores

There is a new guitar hero and do-er of good battling recession evils on our city streets, with his metal guitar licks, and faithful band of rockers. Tommy Bolan and his band NYC finished up a 30+ city U.S. tour this fall. The tour was sponsored in part by us, Farley’s Musical Essentials, Morley Pedals, Cort, Spider Energy Drinks, Digitech, Tone Pros, Pedaltrain, Mighty Bright, and N-Tune. Several local music stores along NYC’s tour route hosted Tommy for guitar clinics and product demos, much to the delight of guitar fans and music store owners. Clinic attendees were awed by the power of Tommy’s lead guitar techniques, and received free prizes and a booklet of guitar tabs from Tommy’s instructional DVD “Metal Primer”, including his quick start on how to use the Guitar Wheel to unlock the mystery of music theory.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dustin Cheatham to Represent Mighty Bright and Farley's Musical Essentials Worldwide

Farley's Musical Essentials has welcomed Dustin Cheatham to represent Farley's and Mighty Bright products world wide. Dustin's new role at Farley's is important to the continuing growth and vitality of the company.

Dustin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Farley's Musical Essentials. His experience includes successful, world-wide marketing of the Guitar Wheel, with his father Dennis Cheatham, inventor and founder of Music Master Publishing. Dustin is the V.P. of Marketing for MMP. Dustin has been with MMP for the past four years, holding multiple positions such as Director of Marketing Sales, Artist Relations, Graphic Arts and Design, and Advertising Consultant.

Michael Farley is the CEO and Founder of Farley's Musical Essentials. He is also a sales and marketing representative for Mighty Bright corporation, and conceptualized the first personal, portable music lights for musicians. Farley’s will take on the Guitar Wheel brand as master distributor while Music Master Publishing reserves the role of manufacturer and publisher of the Guitar Wheel and future Guitar Wheel branded books and teaching aids. Dustin will continue assisting with sales and marketing for both MMP Farley’s Musical Essentials.

Gold Crest LLC, maker of the Mighty Bright line, has established itself as the vangaurd of personal portable LED lights. Such lights include the Duet and Duet 2 music lights. Farley's Musical Essentials is manufacturer of PocketTones electronic pitch pipes and the master distributor for accessories: StagePlayer, Entertainers Secret, and JP Guitar Tool.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guitar Wheel Gets A Top Recommendation in Education from Guitar World Magazine

Guitar World Magazine recommends the Guitar Wheel as one of the most outstanding educational resources in the July 2009 feature article titled "Schools Of Rock" beginning on page 158. Guitar World Magazine writer Chris Gill states, "We've put together a list of schools, workshops, lessons, and educational items that can significantly increase your playing skills and understanding of music theory."

Guitar World says the following about the Guitar Wheel: (Pg. 161)
THE GUITAR WHEEL is an easy-to-use tool designed to help musicians understand, analyze and visualize basic and intermediate music theory concepts. One side is designed exclusively for guitarists and features a scaled-down curved map of the fretboard, while the other side (Piano) is a helpful reference tool for players of any instrument. The wheel displays the relationships between keys, scales and chords, allowing you to visualize music theory on a unique note map simply by turning the tabs to desired settings (key; chords: major, minor, diminished; scales: major, minor, pentatonic, blues). The Guitar Wheel costs only $24.95 and is small enough to fit into your guitar case. Offered by Music Master Publishing,

Correction, the Guitar Wheel is only $14.99. So there is no excuse now! You must add the Guitar Wheel to your bag of music theory educational resources. For about the price of one movie ticket, you can spend your summer months learning to master music theory with the Guitar Wheel.

Among the schools, workshops, and lessons recommended in the Guitar World Magazine article are the following. We have relationship with teachers and guest artists in some of these schools who endorse using the Guitar Wheel as a teaching aid. I've placed an asterisk by them.

Pg 161
Musicians Institute*
Berklee College of Music*
BerkleeMusic (Berklee's online music school)
School of Audio Engineering (SAE)
Full Sail University
Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course
Fretboard Logic three volume series by Bill Edwards
Five Towns College
Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
Band in a Box
National Guitar Workshop*
Guitar Workshop Plus*
Metal Method
Rock House Method*
About 25 total recommended resources.

Farley's Musical Essentials Father's Day Special

Have a Dad that loves to play guitar? Here is a creative great gift idea for Dad this Father's Day. Save an extra 10% when you order both the Farley's Deluxe Guitar Tool and Guitar Wheel from Farley's Musical Essentials. Visit Farley's Musical Essentials website and add the Guitar Tool and Guitar Wheel to your shopping cart. Use promo code "Father's". Offer is also valid at participating retail stores.

Farley's Deluxe Guitar Tool is one tool Dad doesn't have yet, that will allow him to spend more quality time with his guitars!

Get the Guitar Tool for Dad, and the Guitar Wheel for Son. Get father and son doing something together - this Father's

For wholesale inquiries and distributor information please use the contact form on either or

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guitar Wheel Price Change

Music Master Publishing is pleased to announce that the new suggested retail price for the Guitar Wheel is $14.99. We feel the new price will be good for everyone from the distributor all the way to the consumer. MMP has managed to reduce their costs and pass the savings on to the market. Other reasons include a strong increase in demand and positive customer feedback. MMP wishes to thank all it's customers for their business. As part of the price reduction the Guitar Wheel will only include the 3 minute DVD inside the package while supplies last. After that MMP will phase out the 3 minute DVD currently inside each Guitar Wheel package. The same video will still be available on this website and on DVD by written request (a nominal shipping charge may apply). If you have any questions regarding the price reduction please contact MMP using the contact form provided on A representative of MMP will respond to your email. Thank you.

Music Master Publishing

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Join the Guitar Wheel on Facebook

We've started a Facebook page for the Guitar Wheel. If you do Facebook, become a fan of our page and connect with us on the worlds most popular social website.

Press Release. For Immediate Release: Farley’s Musical Essentials taking on Guitar Wheel brand.

Accessories Inventors/Manufacturers Music Master Publishing and Farley’s Musical Essentials jointly announce a new relationship has been forged between the two companies. Farley’s will take on the Guitar Wheel brand as master distributor while Music Master Publishing reserves for itself the role of manufacturer and publisher of the Guitar Wheel and future Guitar Wheel branded books and teaching aids, and providing assistance in sales and marketing of both companies products.

“Everyone gains and no one looses. This coming together of two forces - each strong in it’s own right, provides the entrepreneurial drive necessary to support our international go-to-market strategy,” commented Music Master Publishing’s V.P. of Marketing Dustin Cheatham about the arrangement.

Founder of Farley's Essentials Michael Farley said, “We’re moving forward. Our objective would be to get our products spread from one end of the earth to the other. What I have discovered is that one product opens the door for another and developing relationships with distributors that want our products is key to success. “ Commenting about the business arrangement between Farley’s and MMP he said, “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. It’s a give and take, not a take-take relationship.” Dustin and Michael are working closely together to help both companies reach their goals and provide excellent products and service to distributors.

Artist endorser and N.Y.C. Guitarist Tommy Bolan introduced Dustin and Michael back in the fall of 2008. Tommy is a powerful force in marketing himself, as Sales and Marketing Manager Bill Wenzloff, Morley Pedals, has aptly donned Tommy the title "King Of Promotion" K.O.P.

Farleys' Musical Essentials products are distributed in over 40 countries. Music Master Publishing's Guitar Wheel has enjoyed tremendous success selling direct to the end user online, as well as to stores and distributors. Musical accessory products offered by both companies can be seen on and

In this Photo L-R: Guitarists Tommy Bolan of the band N.Y.C., girlfriend Carol Montesinos, Nancy Cheathm, Dennis Cheatham, Michael Farley, Dustin Cheatham having dinner during the winter NAMM show 2009 in Anaheim CA.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Guitarists Rock and Roll the Guitar Wheel at Winter NAMM

We are pleased to report that the Winter NAMM show was a huge hit for the Guitar Wheel. We had profitable appointments with distributors, dealers, music schools, and artists demoing at the booth. It has been 4 years since we first introduced the Guitar Wheel. It was awesome to hear from so many people that they have a Guitar Wheel, know somebody who has one, or have seen our ads in magazines.

Pictured here is Tommy Bolan, lead singer and guitarist for the band N.Y.C., rocking out. Tommy played at the booth Thursday, Friday and Saturday at. He was a crowd magnet.

German Schauss, "The Lightspeeder" was noted by Gutiar World Magazine this summer for being one of the 25 fastest guitar shredders in the world. He is a gutiar instructor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and at the Los Angeles Music Acadamy, and also for the National Guitar Workshop.

Brev Sullivan and Crystal Fawn are the guitarist, and bass player for the band Featured on Fridays. Brev and Crystal also teach kids to how to rock at the School of Rock in Miami Florida. Brev is going to contribute a lesson to the Guitar Wheel book.

Fred Kowalo is a world touring gutiar tech for guitarists like the late Zackk Wylde of Black Label Society, Megadeth, and Alice in Chains. We welcome Fred to the family of Guitar Wheel artist endorsers. I'm sure there are many more acolades that I'm probably leaving out about Fred. Right away I did notice he is one of the nicest guys around.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guitar Wheel Winter NAMM Booth #1325 Hall E

We're getting ready for this years Winter NAMM show to be the best one yet! Stop by our booth early in the show so you don't miss getting a free limited one of a kind Guitar Wheel t-shirt! Were in the same booth as Farley's Musical Essentials and Mighty Bright music lights. We have artists scheduled to do live demos. Also we are proud to announce that the new Jason Becker Signature Guitar will be on display in our booth Friday through Sunday. Every guitar sold helps Jason Becker, and Paradise Guitars will include a free Guitar Wheel with the first 60 guitars sold. The NAMM show is a good time for retailers and distributors to meet us face to face and place their Guitar Wheel orders for 2009. We hope to see you all there.

Artist Demo Schedule at the NAMM Booth:

4:30 pm Tommy Bolan.

12:00 - 1:00 pm Brev Sullivan and Crystal Fawn.
12:00-1:00pm German Schauss.
4:30 pm Tommy Bolan.

12:00 - 1:00 pm Brev Sullivan and Crystal Fawn.
12:00-1:00pm German Schauss.
4:30 pm Tommy Bolan.

10:00 am David Kline (playing a one of a kind Jason Becker signature

Limited Guitar Wheel t-shirt. Only available at this NAMM show.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Guitar Wheel at the 2009 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim CA Booth 1325

We are pleased to announce that the Guitar Wheel will have representation at the Winter NAMM show, on display at Farley's Essentials booth # 1325 and 1327. Michael Farley is the founder and CEO of Farley's Essentials. Farley's Essentials is dedicated to creating and distributing essential new ideas for musicians. To inquire about becoming a distributor for Guitar Wheel stop by the booth at NAMM. We look forward to seeing you there!

Michael and Dustin first began collaborating on marketing and sales strategies in 2008. Music Master Publishing and Farley have combined their products in recent ads. You can see the Guitar Wheel together with The JP Guitar Tool and the Pocket Tones Chromatic Tuner, with N.Y.C rocker Tommy Bolan, in this year's NAMM issues of Music Trades Magazine.