Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guitar Wheel Gets A Top Recommendation in Education from Guitar World Magazine

Guitar World Magazine recommends the Guitar Wheel as one of the most outstanding educational resources in the July 2009 feature article titled "Schools Of Rock" beginning on page 158. Guitar World Magazine writer Chris Gill states, "We've put together a list of schools, workshops, lessons, and educational items that can significantly increase your playing skills and understanding of music theory."

Guitar World says the following about the Guitar Wheel: (Pg. 161)
THE GUITAR WHEEL is an easy-to-use tool designed to help musicians understand, analyze and visualize basic and intermediate music theory concepts. One side is designed exclusively for guitarists and features a scaled-down curved map of the fretboard, while the other side (Piano) is a helpful reference tool for players of any instrument. The wheel displays the relationships between keys, scales and chords, allowing you to visualize music theory on a unique note map simply by turning the tabs to desired settings (key; chords: major, minor, diminished; scales: major, minor, pentatonic, blues). The Guitar Wheel costs only $24.95 and is small enough to fit into your guitar case. Offered by Music Master Publishing,

Correction, the Guitar Wheel is only $14.99. So there is no excuse now! You must add the Guitar Wheel to your bag of music theory educational resources. For about the price of one movie ticket, you can spend your summer months learning to master music theory with the Guitar Wheel.

Among the schools, workshops, and lessons recommended in the Guitar World Magazine article are the following. We have relationship with teachers and guest artists in some of these schools who endorse using the Guitar Wheel as a teaching aid. I've placed an asterisk by them.

Pg 161
Musicians Institute*
Berklee College of Music*
BerkleeMusic (Berklee's online music school)
School of Audio Engineering (SAE)
Full Sail University
Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course
Fretboard Logic three volume series by Bill Edwards
Five Towns College
Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
Band in a Box
National Guitar Workshop*
Guitar Workshop Plus*
Metal Method
Rock House Method*
About 25 total recommended resources.

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