Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dustin Cheatham to Represent Mighty Bright and Farley's Musical Essentials Worldwide

Farley's Musical Essentials has welcomed Dustin Cheatham to represent Farley's and Mighty Bright products world wide. Dustin's new role at Farley's is important to the continuing growth and vitality of the company.

Dustin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Farley's Musical Essentials. His experience includes successful, world-wide marketing of the Guitar Wheel, with his father Dennis Cheatham, inventor and founder of Music Master Publishing. Dustin is the V.P. of Marketing for MMP. Dustin has been with MMP for the past four years, holding multiple positions such as Director of Marketing Sales, Artist Relations, Graphic Arts and Design, and Advertising Consultant.

Michael Farley is the CEO and Founder of Farley's Musical Essentials. He is also a sales and marketing representative for Mighty Bright corporation, and conceptualized the first personal, portable music lights for musicians. Farley’s will take on the Guitar Wheel brand as master distributor while Music Master Publishing reserves the role of manufacturer and publisher of the Guitar Wheel and future Guitar Wheel branded books and teaching aids. Dustin will continue assisting with sales and marketing for both MMP Farley’s Musical Essentials.

Gold Crest LLC, maker of the Mighty Bright line, has established itself as the vangaurd of personal portable LED lights. Such lights include the Duet and Duet 2 music lights. Farley's Musical Essentials is manufacturer of PocketTones electronic pitch pipes and the master distributor for accessories: StagePlayer, Entertainers Secret, and JP Guitar Tool.

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