Friday, December 18, 2009

Tommy Bolan Clinics and NYC Rock the US and Local Music Stores

There is a new guitar hero and do-er of good battling recession evils on our city streets, with his metal guitar licks, and faithful band of rockers. Tommy Bolan and his band NYC finished up a 30+ city U.S. tour this fall. The tour was sponsored in part by us, Farley’s Musical Essentials, Morley Pedals, Cort, Spider Energy Drinks, Digitech, Tone Pros, Pedaltrain, Mighty Bright, and N-Tune. Several local music stores along NYC’s tour route hosted Tommy for guitar clinics and product demos, much to the delight of guitar fans and music store owners. Clinic attendees were awed by the power of Tommy’s lead guitar techniques, and received free prizes and a booklet of guitar tabs from Tommy’s instructional DVD “Metal Primer”, including his quick start on how to use the Guitar Wheel to unlock the mystery of music theory.

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