Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guitar Wheels Donated To International Guitar Education Program

GAMA Program Trains Approximately 300 School Guitar Teachers This Summer

Music Master Publishing, creators of the Guitar Wheel, donated nearly 300 wheels to teachers being trained at GAMA’s Teaching Guitar Workshops program this summer. The Guitar Wheel is a hands-on educational music theory tool that many teachers incorporate into their instruction, and students find guitar and music theory more tangible through the colorful and graphically intricate design of the Guitar Wheel.

Through the Teaching Guitar Workshops, GAMA helps educators to start or enhance their guitar music programs. Music Master Publishing is honored to support GAMA with member Farley’s Musical Essentials in this effort to help educators promote to their students the understanding and enjoyment of music both in theory and in practice. GAMA’s workshops have brought guitar instruction to hundreds of thousands of children throughout the Unites States and Canada.

Glen McCarthy, Chair of MENC Guitar Education Team and Teaching Guitar Workshops, said, “The Guitar Wheel is an excellent product that helps guitar students understand music theory. It is a great addition for the teachers that attend our workshops." Music Master Publishing looks forward to more ways to support GAMA in the future.

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